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What is Dilation?

by CVC Doctors 'n Staff on 01/23/12

Dilatation is the process in which the doctor is able to see the back surface of the eye; one of the true indicator of the eye's "medical well-being" and health. Simply stated, the pupil is not only just the technical name of the black spot of our eyes, it is a hole. Anyone that likes to play scientist on their own body has realized that our eyes like to reduce the size of the hole when introduced to bright lights. As a kid I found it highly entertaining to play this fun game of hide my eyes, and then shine bright light in them to watch this process first hand. With that said, if the doctor was to try and shine a bright light into the pupil to see the back surface of the eye, our body would instinctively reduce the size of the pupil, into no more than a hole 2mm wide. This restricts the doctors ability to see the majority of the area. Dilatation is the doctor's ability to temporarily prohibit the eye from constricting from the light. It creates a chemical reaction stopping the muscles that clench in reaction to light. 

I have found one of the best ways to explain it to a younger child is comparing the pupil to a tunnel, and the medicine is to open the tunnel up. If anyone else has better suggestions, we would love to hear them. 


by CVC Doctors 'n Staff on 01/14/12

We wish to extend a congratulations to employees, Jenn and Josey, on their successful certifications. Both girls tested for the National Contact Lens Examiners Certification in November of 2011 and found out yesterday that they passed their exams.

Congrats Girls

Websites in place of professionals

by CVC Doctors 'n Staff on 01/05/12

Lately there has been a lot of commotion in the opthalmic community about the introduction of online screening tests.

I commend the producers of these programs, for their resourcefulness. It comes with no doubt to me that the programs are being used very regularly as the usefulness is exponential. However, I feel it should be noted by as many optometrists as possible, that no computerized resource should ever substitute for a Physician. This applies in all fields of Medicine, and not just for the benefit of the economy and the humanity of our society but also, the benefit of yours and your childrens health. It is a commonly re-iterated fact in our office that optometry goes beyond that of contacts, glasses and vision. There are many medical conditions that not only influence vision, but those that do not. Please understand these are screening tests, and our doctors go to school to benefit your health

Seeing is Believing

by CVC Doctors 'n Staff on 12/21/11

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle did Dr. "Marty" Carroll a wonderful honor this past weekend by posting the following article. Such great things are said not only about the King of Glasses but also the Cheyenne Vision Clinic too! Thank you Becky!

WTE Seeing is Believing article


by CVC Doctors 'n Staff on 12/10/11

The Optical gallery is proud to now carry the eye wear line Vera Bradley. The reknown purses that we have all love for the cute, and unique look of every bag, now has glasses, sunglasses, and glasses cases that match!

Check 'em Out! 

First pics here

Ordering Spectacles Online

by CVC Doctors 'n Staff on 12/06/11

Great Deals = Great Steals.
Are your eyes worth it?

More Certifications to Come

by CVC Doctors 'n Staff on 11/29/11

On November 20th, we were proud to send three of our employees to Denver to participate in certification exams.

Jenn, a current Optician with her ABO certification (American Board of Opticianry), participated in the NCLE Examination. The NCLE is the Nation Contact Lens Examination, that will certify her nationally in Contact Lens dispensing and fitting.

Josey, a current optician with her CPO Certification (Certified Paraoptometric), also sat for the NCLE Examination along with Jenn.

Tyffany, also an optician, participated in the ABO examination. This Exam is designed to nationally certify her in opticianry.

Stay tuned for the results!

Acuvue Moist Toric Daily Lenses

by CVC Doctors 'n Staff on 11/12/11

The Cheyenne Vision Clinic will have exclusive use of the Acuvue Moist Toric Daily Lenses.

This is the first single use contact lens for astigmatism manufactured by Acuvue.

Patients with astigmatism will now be able to have the advantages of great vision, comfort, eye health and convenience in a daily disposable contact lense.


Bifocals on Demand.... the World's first adjustable electronic eyeglasses

by CVC Doctors 'n Staff on 11/12/11

Episode 2

With the touch of the temple or tilt of the head a layer of liquid crystals is activated in each lens, instantly creating an adjustable BIFOCAL. Electronic Glasses not only gives you control over your vision, it also provides wider fields of view and less distortion than progressives. This is the biggest optical advance in over 50 years.


Who we are

by CVC Doctors 'n Staff on 11/03/11

Our names are Dr Josh LaHiff, Dr Mark Wells and Dr Martin (Marty) Carroll. In the past, going to the eye doctor was never easy nor pleasant, however, that has all changed. Here at Cheyenne Vision Clinic, with new technologies such as Optos Retinal Photography, you have a comfortable timely eye examination. Other state-of-the-art advancements make your experience with us personal and relaxing. There are no more worry if “one” or “two” was better.

Grandma's Spectacles

by CVC Doctors 'n Staff on 11/03/11

A little boy said to his friend, "When I get older I want to wear spectacles just like Grandama wears. She must have a special kind because she can see so much more than most people. She can see when folks are hungry or tired or sorry, and she can even see what'll make them feel better. She ca...n see how to fix a lot of things to have fun with, and she can see what a feller meant to do, even if he didn't do it right. She can see when a feller is about to cry and she can see what to do to make him feel better. I asked her one day how she could see so good, and she said it was the way she learned to look at things as she got older. So when I get older I want a pair of spectacles just like grandmas so I can see good, too."

Happy Halloween

by CVC Doctors 'n Staff on 10/31/11

Happy Halloween! Its the perfect day for colored contacts! Let me see those spooky eyes!

Bifocals on Demand

by CVC Doctors 'n Staff on 10/29/11

The Cheyenne Vision Clinic will be offering liquid crystal technology bifocals in no line form with the touch of a finger.  These are the most high tech glasses available today!


Some patients complain that their bifocals interfere with bowling, golfing or walking.  Just touch your finger to one temple and your reading lens activates. 


These state-of-the-art glasses will be available at Cheyenne Vision Clinic later this year.

Electronic Health Records

by CVC Doctors 'n Staff on 10/29/11

The Cheyenne Vision Clinic has been using Electronic Medical Records for nearly a year now.  This new system provides accuracy, enhanced patient safety and compliance with government regulations.


by CVC Doctors 'n Staff on 10/29/11

Refractive surgery may never be the same again.  SMILE LASIK is the new state-of-the-art LASIK performed with the world’s newest laser to correct vision.


It may replace standard LASIK that uses an excimer laser and requires a flap. This appears to make the procedure safer and some of the complications like dry eye less.  


The surgery uses one laser to create a small opening and a lenticule (lens) within the cornea. The lenticule is removed through the small opening.  Advantages are both to the doctor and patient.  Reports say it is quick, extremely safe, and comfortable and the results are predictable. It has the safety of no blade and no flap, the two things that create the majority of LASIK complications.


Currently it is being performed outside of the United States.  We will be able to offer patients who want only the latest technology the ability to participate in investigations that start in the Spring of 2012.


It is anticipated that SMIKE LASIK will be FDA approved within a few years for those who choose to wait.


If you have any questions regarding SMILE LASIK please ask your doctor during your annual eye examination or setup a free consultation.


One Laser . . . No Blade . . .No Flap     =       Anticipated Safer with less complications

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